Biggest doesn't always equal best, but... our goal is to offer the best and biggest gym facility possible. With unrivaled CrossFit, weightlifting, strength/conditioning facilities and equipment we aim on offering a space that delivers a premium experience.


Red City Gym Dubbo CrossFit Red One

The Right Environment

Apart from work and home we believe that the gym should be the third environment that plays a big role in your life. That's why we aim on making Red City Gym the best and most comfortable space it can be. We're not wall to wall with mirrors, we don't play annoying pop music on TV and we're not full of outdated machines. We're people based and want to offer a space that is comfortable to spend some time in surrounding your workout. You can have a meal here, hang out with friends, spend some time mobilizing or just sit and gather yourself before getting on with your day.





Red One is our all-purpose rig to offer our athletes everything they could need for gymnastics and barbell work. Measuring it at over 18 meters in length with a dozen squat cells, ten pull-up bars, four trawler arms for high rings, flying pull-up extensions at both ends and monkey bars spanning the entire length, this custom made monster can service dozens of athletes at once for a limitless range of use.



Dubbo Aerobic Training


Building aerobic capacity is vital for almost all athletic endeavors so we provide enough equipment to target this development. In addition to providing the right tools we also offer speciality endurance/aerobic capacity training as well as run technique coaching.

Dubbo Running Track


Our running track measures in at 30m in length and is wide enough to run multiple athletes and sleds down it at once. Perfect for coaching run form, doing sled work, tire flips, shuttle sprints, handstand walks and so much more it's a vital part of the space and we think it's something that no gym should be without.



Dubbo Weightlifting


Whether your focus is solely on olympic lifting or just better weightlifting within CrossFit our facility aims to offer anyone wanting to improve their snatch or clean and jerk a great place to work on it. With four weightlifting platforms, a large open lifting floor, jerk blocks as well as specialty bars and plates Red City Gym understands that weightlifting is a way of life. 



Dubbo Powerlifting Red City Gym


Red City Gym is about more than just CrossFit. We know that lifting big is important and we back that up with ample facilities to cater to powerlifting and strongman. Our two custom made power racks are made for heavy squatting and are also equipped to accommodate the use of bands and chains for dynamic lifting. We also have two deadlifting platforms for use with bands as well as multiple specialty bars and other equipment including a yoke, tyres, extra large kettlebells and heavy sandbags and deadballs.

Red City Sauna


We're big believers in providing the best recovery and offer a dedicated mobility area as well as sauna. We promote sauna use not only for recovery but also for focus, memory and learning. Sauna use can TRIPLE your neuroepinepherine levels which are critical for focus and attention. Each session at Red City is an opportunity to get better, it's not always about going hard.

Dubbo Rock Climbing


Move weight, but don’t forget to move yourself. An ability to climb and use our bodies is something we all engaged with as children but sadly are discouraged to do in conventional gyms. We value it highly so provide the right space to climb, move and play with ropes, monkey bars, pegboards, ninja obstacles as well as a rock climbing wall.