Red City is built on a principle of offering as much as possible to our athletes. We’re not simply a CrossFit box, nor are we simply a basic open gym. Our facility gives you the opportunity to work on what you need to, be it CrossFit, weightlifting, mobility, endurance, powerlifting or sport specific development; so our membership options reflect that.

We offer membership for open gym use, a variety of classes for CrossFit and mobility, programming or one on one sessions. Please follow the buttons below to our membership system in order to help you get started.  



Talking and working with people is what we really focus on. Red City is an educational centre above all else. So we're always happy for you to come in and have a chat. In order to help you get a sense of the facility and how we operate we offer free trial sessions for CrossFit class, Active & Mobility Flow classes or consultations. 

To help get you in for a session smoothly please follow the link to fill out the prerequisite info for your free trial so you can hit the ground running when you first come in. Otherwise set a time with us to get a feel for things.



Our CrossFit membership builds upon that of a standard CrossFit affiliate’s, offering unlimited classes as well as the coaching that comes with that. But it also covers you for unlimited open gym use so you’re not restricted simply to the workout of the day. If you want to work on your Olympic lifts in your own time, get in some extra gymnastic skill development or just some much needed mobility the idea is that you can. All of this while still having your CrossFit coaches knowing you and knowing what you need.

$44.90 per week



This is for those just wanting to attend Mobility/Flow classes.

Our Mobility/Flow classes are an extension on the principles of yoga, dedicated to movement patterns, mobility strategies and movement preparation coupled with deep breathing techniques and mindfulness practices. This class will have your mind and body feeling great after every session.

$29.90 per week






Our RX ("As prescribed") membership option is for those wanting to get the most out of their time with us. It allows us to extend people and focus on individual needs through hands on coaching, programming and planning. This option gives you access to open gym and also extra help from our coaches to train when it suits you.

The way we like to put it is 'RX takes away all the guess work'.

We help you with your specific needs for training, address mobility issues, rehab injuries, dial in nutrition, maximize recovery and educate you in everything you need to pull your lifestyle factors together.

Whether you're looking to build your aerobic base for sport specific training; refine your olympic lifting; don't know what to eat; deal with a lot of stress; work around old injuries; get help to get up and running; or have never even been in a gym before, then RX membership will help you pull everything together.

$74.90 per week


All Classes

All Classes is our membership option for those wanting all forms of class being CrossFit and Mobility/Flow as well as access to open gym use.

$64.90 per week.



Ultimate membership is the complete Red City Membership. It entitles you to all other forms of membership in one giving you personalised programming and individual help for everything from nutrition to injury rehab and includes unlimited classes across all programs: CrossFit & Mobility/Flow as well as open gym use. 

$89.90 per week


Open Gym

If you're not interested in doing class and just want to focus on your own thing in the space the open gym membership is for you. We still encourage people to come in for a consulation because membership is limited and we have an application process. 

$24.90 per week


Drop In

We're always happy to have drop ins. So if you're not from around here and just want to do a one off while visiting we're happy to have you for a class or open gym use.