Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Red City Different?

Our members say "you don't know what it's like until you're here" and we agree. But what make us different to other places is we're not simply just a CrossFit affiliate, nor are we just an open gym. 

We take the best things about being a CrossFit affiliate and expand on them while still offering an open gym so that we can help anybody who comes to us in whatever way works best for them. In a CrossFit gym there's somebody there to help you but only in class hours, they're closed the rest of the time. In a standard commercial gym you can go when you want but there isn't someone there to help you, who knows you, who is invested in your growth. We provide an environment that is about helping YOU be the BEST YOU POSSIBLE.

In other gyms or CrossFit affiliates if you want to focus on your nutrition you need to talk to someone else. If you have an injury you need to get referred to someone else. If you have trouble sleeping that could be completely ignored. Our focus is to be able to TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING so you can simply turn up, do what you need to and live your best life.


Why Are Our Coaches Different?

We believe in chasing excellence. It's not enough for our staff to simply have the base credential to just get the job done. We work with the best coaches in the world in order to deliver the best coaching possible to our members. CrossFit Red One is one of only four gyms in the country to have TWO CrossFit Level 3 Trainers and one of the only gyms in Australia with a CrossFit Seminar Staff-member.

Our staff's collective knowledge and experience in not only CrossFit but also nutrition, weightlifting, strength and conditioning, endurance sports, gymnastics and much more is world class. And if we don't have the answers for you we guarantee we have the broader network of greats in their field to back you up.


Is CrossFit for Me?

We like to say "CrossFit isn't for everybody... but it is for ANYBODY".

The best thing about CrossFit is that it is for anybody regardless of their current level or goals. CrossFit can make a competitive athlete bigger, stronger, faster and better at every athletic aspect of their sport but it can also help people who have never exercised before. It accommodates to both these examples and everyone in between. 

Our CrossFit classes have 14 year olds to 70 year olds. Competitive athletes to folks who just want to be as healthy as they can be for everyday life.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, CrossFit can make you a better version of you for today and long into the future.


How Many Classes Can I Do?

With a CrossFit membership you can attend as many classes as you like as well as use the open gym at any stage during open hours as well as weekends.

With an All Classes or Ultimate membership you can attend as many CrossFit classes AND as many Mobility/Flow classes as you like as well as open gym.


Do I Need to be Fit to Start?

NO! You wouldn't cut your hair yourself before going to a hairdresser would you? Well it's the same with the gym. It's our job to help you get fit, even if you've never worked out once in your life.


What if I've Never Trained Before?

See the above points. It really doesn't matter what stage you're at in your fitness journey, we're here to help, even if you've never stepped foot in a gym before. About a third of our members had never been in a gym before they started with us. And 90% of people had never done CrossFit before. We all have to start somewhere.


Will I Get Bulky?

Not unless you want to. A lot of women and some men worry that they'll get bulky by lifting weights or doing CrossFit. Don't worry you won't accidentally do overnight what every guy who trains has spent their whole life trying to achieve. Form follows function and most people who train and eat well are much happier with their bodies. If you do want to put on some muscle though, that's great! We can help you with your training and nutrition to make that a reality.


What if I've Never Lifted Weights Before?

Again, that's fine. We work to a training principle of: TECHNIQUE - LOAD - INTENSITY. We teach you how to move, that movement is the same with weight as it would be with a PVC pipe. You'll never be asked to do something you can't do. We teach the technique THEN apply the weight. If it's under control only then would we introduce intensity. If we lose the technique we probably need to change the weight so that you can move safely and efficiently.


What if I Don't Want to do CrossFit?

That's absolutely fine. CrossFit is just one aspect of our gym. We offer individual help and programming for whatever you want to focus on. If you don't want to be in a class setting, if you want to train for a specific sport, if you're rehabbing an injury or anything else, we have the means to help you be better.


What if I'm Injured?

Life happens, and sometimes that means dealing with injuries. If you have a serious problem that you think is preventing you from exercising we offer individual help to get you back on track and also work around that problem to figure out what you can do in the meantime.

If you feel you can exercise but have some restrictions that's alright, we can scale movements and focus on what you CAN do even in a class setting.


What Are the Next Steps?

If you'd like to get started with us just click on the "Membership" tab and follow the buttons from there. If you'd like to know more simply give us a call or email.